The Kimono Mt Yoshino is our version of an original Japanese kimono. The pattern was taken from a vintage kimono maintaining all the key elements and measurements. 

The fabric is an original Liberty's; it was purchased years ago in a dead stock fabrics wharehouse in London. This kimono in particular has a very special story so we have a particular fondness to this piece. 

This is only one size. Please always make sure you check the measurements before purchasing. 





Main fabric: 100% wool 

Linen: 100% cotton 



Hand wash with care. This is a delicate and very special fabric.
Maximum temperature 30ºC.
Neutral soap



Body length: 96cm

Shoulder to shoulder: 54cm

Bust width: 59cm (flat)

Hem width: 59cm (flat)

Sleeves length: 26cm

Japanese sleeve depth: 49cm

Cuffs opening: 24cm

Armhole length: 33.5cm

Neck opening: 18cm

Neck band depth: 6cm


All our designs are made with unique old deadstock fabrics, vintage and second hand items. This means that some pieces might carry some tear and wear; all peculiarities of the item including wear, mending, and stains are part of the story of the material and the history of the garment.

Kimono Mt Yoshino

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